The geo field is only set if the status was sent using the geo tagging API. I'd using the search API and the geocode parameter, then a series of other techniques are applied to find tweets near that location (a user's profile location, amongst others).

I encourage you to tweet something using the geotagging API, and then search for it so you can understand how geo floats through the Twitter system.

On Dec 9, 2009, at 8:00 AM, Diogo <> wrote:

Seems like you are right, both searches are returning results normally

Yet, in both searches all the results are coming with the "geo" field
empty. Actually, I dont think Ive ever seen any result with this "geo"
field non-empty.

Problem is: what I need to do, once I get the results from within São
Paulo, is to present each tweet on google maps component based on its
exactly location. How am I supposed to do that? Inst the "geo" field
supposed to hold the geo location of the tweet? Or do I have to
perform another query to get this location?

Im still kinda clueless here, and will apreciate any help. Thanks.

On Dec 8, 3:50 pm, Abraham Williams <> wrote:
Both of those links work fine for me. Maybe it was just a temporary hiccup.


On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 15:42, Diogo <> wrote:
Hi all,

If been using the search API for some months for various projects and
now Ive been asked to code an app that is supposed to search for a
specific word within the city of São Paulo and display the resul ts on
google maps using the tweet location.

After reading the Search API docs  (
Search-API-Method%3A-search), I understood (perhaps wrongly) that Im
supposed to search like this, for example:,-46.6 ...

What Im trying here: Im searching for the word "festa" providing the
location of the center of São Paulo (according to wikipedia) and an
arbitrary radius. As I understood, this is supoposed to return
geotagged tweets with the word "festa" from within the provided geo
range. Right?

However, Ive tried searching like this using Zend_Twitter PHP class
and pasting this URL directly to the browser. In both cases, I get
this error:

error: "Couldn't find Status with ID=6025096957"

Whats it means? What am I doing wrong here? I probably missing
something, but I just cant figure it out.

Actually, even when I try the URL provided as example (http:// geocode=40.757929%2C-73.985506%2C25km)
on the docs, I get this same message .

So, how am I supposed to be doing this? Please help.

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