I'm not sure I follow your line of reasoning.  You say you're working
in PHP, which suggests that you're writing a web app.  The PIN is only
for desktop apps and is not a part of the web OAuth process.

Are you writing a desktop app, or a web app?

On Jan 2, 10:57 am, Vikram <vikram.prav...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am fairly a newbie to OAuth. Currently I am working on desktop
> client which uses the basic authentication.
> Would like to switch to OAuth.
> So I intially tried my hands with Abraham's PHP library. Apparently, I
> couldn't the callback to work. After googling and going through the
> latest OAuth changes I realized that I need to register my app as a
> Webapp for callbacks to work.
> Digging further I found that twitter actually validates the callback
> URL and as i don't have a public server I couldn't register myApp as a
> Web client because twitter says my callback URL is invalid(As
> Expected). So I am kind of struck.
> My actual idea was to save the access token and reuse it in future for
> authentication without having the user go through the entire process.
> But I found that the PIN is required everytime. So I thought of using
> of registering my app as web app and use PHP to work till getting the
> access token and then use the access token for further operations, but
> I couldn't get the callback to work because of the above mentioned
> issue.
> So I am wondering how to solve the problem? Please help me out,if
> there is no way to skip the PIN based workflow for desktop apps then I
> will have to continue with BASIC AUTH.
> But Twitter claims that it will soon drop support for BASIC AUTH and
> Please help me out. Thanks a Ton in advance.

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