I develop and maintain a free Twitter application (http://
tweetymail.com) and I am desperately trying to reclaim the inactive
'tweetymail' username because it is causing confusion among my users.
I was not able to get anywhere with Twitter support, but I came across
this entry in the API FAQ:


I followed the instructions and emailed usern...@twitter.com. Five
minutes later, I received two simultaneous emails: 1) An automatic
notice indicating that support received my request, 2) An automatic
rejection indicating that Twitter is not releasing inactive usernames
at this time.

Have any other app developers had success with this process? Is the
information on the FAQ still valid? Can someone from Twitter provide
an alternate avenue for app developers to have a request such as this

The account I am seeking (http://twitter.com/tweetymail) has never
tweeted and has been inactive for at least 6 months.

Thank  you.

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