Hi All,

I'm trying to determine the location where a tweet came from.

I know you can do a search specifying the location you want to look at
and this checks againist any geo data and then against the location
data. I'm guessing that twitter does a lot of error checking and
transforms the location data into a geo coord on the backend when you
do this search.

My question is: if I do a search for say a "word" and get my results
back I want to be able to check where each of the returned tweets came
from. Not just using the geo data that the user may have allowed but
also the location data (just like the search for location based tweets

Essentially getting back a geo coord for each tweet if there is any
releveant geo data or location data given by the tweeter.

this site would be doing something similar: http://trendsmap.com/

any ideas? sorry if this is really obvious, I have searched and just
can't find it.


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