> Now, I've had a quick look at how Seesmic Look does the authentication
> process and I've got two questions:
> 1.) Will it be possible to run the xAuth authentication over a HTTP
> proxy? It looks like it's possible at first glance. I've got a lot of
> users from countries where Twitter is blocked and it would be crucial
> for them to run through an "API proxy."

i don't see why not, as long as the proxy can handle HTTPS connections...

> 2.) Is SSL absolutely mandatory for retrieving the access token? The
> reason for this question is that I've got quite a number of users
> which cannot use SSL (due to misconfigured network operator HTTP
> proxies.) Gravity is using SSL by default, but once it detects a
> problem with using SSL, it will "fallback" to plain HTTP.

unfortunately, as i see it now, xAuth will require SSL.

> Cheers & thanks for coming up with xAuth! :-)
> Ole
np :P

Raffi Krikorian
Twitter Platform Team

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