There are several libraries for j2me. Are you talking about a library or an actual twitter client. In either case you would probably be better asking in a client-specific web forum or mailing list.

On 2/13/2010 10:22 AM, Fauzil Hamdi wrote:
anyone ?

On 13 February 2010 19:56, Fauzil Hamdi <
<>> wrote:

    hi all,
    i am building j2me twitter client.

    i use oauth.
    i have some questions.

    1. why with oauth, the connection must be retry 2 or 3 times ? not
    like without oauth that's not need to retry the request. is the
    oauth unstabble yet ?
    2. i have question about timestamp. now, i use mobile time for
    timestamp parameter on oauth. but, if the mobile time is not
    correct, oauth request always failed. so, what is the best way to
    get the timestamp ? should i have server to get the timestamp ?





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