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>  1. why with oauth, the connection must be retry 2 or 3 times ? not like
>> without oauth that's not need to retry the request. is the oauth unstabble
>> yet ?
> I'm not aware of these issues - can you please provide more detail? What
> call are you making? Is it reproducable from different IP addresses? Are you
> sure it is not your network connection?are you sure you are constructing the
> oauth call properly?
i tried to call for example home timeline and its from same ip address. it
success after retry about 2 or 3 times. i tried to call it without oauth,
and always got the result on first time request.

>  2. i have question about timestamp. now, i use mobile time for timestamp
>> parameter on oauth. but, if the mobile time is not correct, oauth request
>> always failed. so, what is the best way to get the timestamp ? should i have
>> server to get the timestamp
> You need to have a fairly accurate clock (preferably NTP synced) in order
> for your oauth signature to be accepted.  Do you not have access to the GSM
> clock, for example?

could you give an example about GSM clock ? :-)



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