As a web developer, I have been tasked with putting up a sidebar on
our website that displays a running set of Tweets that I and those I
follow have made.  I would be happy with the latest 10 to 20 entries,
with possibly a scroll bar for more.

For now, I am looking at Javascript possibilities such as can be found

and others.

Most of these boil down to using some form of the Twitter API.  I can
get them to work, but I am not obtaining the desired results.  The
results seem to be either getting just my Tweets or the Tweets of one
or more of those I follow.  I would like to get both at the same time,
the latest first.

Looking at:

I would think that one of the Timeline methods would get me what I
want.  For example, Twitter REST API Method: statuses/home_timeline
says it "Returns the 20 most recent statuses, including retweets,
posted by the authenticating user and that user's friends."

Maybe my problem is understanding the difference between a friend and
someone I am following?

As you can see, I am not an experienced twitterer.

Thanks for any help,


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