So Raffi. Can you help us out with an example of how we should be
handling the callback URL? I've done quite a bit of searching, but am
not seeing that it is documented very well or finding any samples.

On Feb 16, 5:45 pm, mthistle <> wrote:
> Hi DenVog,
> First, cool, you quoted my post at droolfactory.
> Raffi: Yes, the Twitter-OAuth-iPhone code 
> from using page
> scraping and javascript to pull out the PIN.  This is the code that
> DenVog is referencing from my post.
> The better way to do this I have been informed is to use the URL
> callback scheme and have the application handle a unique URL which
> Twitter would call.  I have not found code for this or made the
> changes yet but it sounds fairly easy to implement.
> --
> Mark Thistle

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