On Feb 19, 7:36 am, rob <robert.bag...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Has anyone else ran into an issue where over time the Streaming API
> just stops sending results?
> We are using a Ruby library to connect (twitter-stream) which uses
> EventMachine to open a persistent connection to the API (we are
> tracking and following).
> The library properly handles reconnection (from dropped connections)
> and the various error conditions.
> All works well for a period of time (8+ hours in some cases, sometimes
> a full day)  after that the connection does no get dropped but no data
> gets sent. (At least that's what is seems as EventMachine feels its
> still connected)
> If we just drop the connection and reconnect all is well and the data
> starts to flow again. (Which we could do but that seems like a hack)
> Anyone else have this issue or should I dive into the EventMachine
> code and see if there is an issue in there?
> Thanks in advance,
> Rob

I haven't seen anything like this, but I've only used "tweetstream",
not "twitter-stream". I had a connection running last week for about
12 hours with no problems. It was on the "filter" stream doing a
"track" for the keyword "haiti".

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