In general, no two tools will give *exactly* the same counts. In fact, unless you read the definitions of the counts carefully, you'll find that no two tools even use the same name for the same count! ;-)

So - what clicks are you counting? What Google Analytics clicks are you counting? And what does this have to do with Twitter? ;-)

I should note that I have a Bitly Pro account (the free version) and I've notice when I post a link to Twitter, a number of bots pick it up instantaneously and click on it. I've seen as many as 10 - 20 clicks happen from these bots, and you can't always tell where they are from the Bitly Pro dashboard.

If this is important, I'd recommend

a. Getting the free Bitly Pro account if you haven't already
b. Getting on the Bitly API mailing list and asking them what's going on.
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Quoting neal rauhauser <>:

   Is anyone else seeing dramatic disparities between what reports
and what Google Analytics reports in terms of clicks? We're seeing like 10:1
over reporting from ... if Google Analytics is right.

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