Thanks!! We see so much in the "social media marketing" space about "measuring ROI" and "competing on analytics" that it's difficult to get executive buy-in where we know they should be going. Real-time is where the analytics market is going - I'm really surprised Google hasn't put up something like that yet, since Woopra and Clicky already do that.
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The official Answer:

What you're seeing are total decodes, as opposed to total click-
throughs measured by JavaScript on the page. Decodes can be caused by
bots, and by applications, like browser plug-ins, which expand the
underlying url without causing a click-through.

If you download a browser plug-in that automatically expands short
urls, for instance, it looks a lot like a human user to an analytics

Absent JavaScript on the page, it's hard to distinguish between a
decode and an intentional click-through. At the end of the day,
complements rather than replaces JavaScript-based analytics utililties
like Google Analytics or Chartbeat.

You should probably read the following articles when you get a sec:

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On Feb 21, 8:36 pm, neal rauhauser <> wrote:
   Is anyone else seeing dramatic disparities between what reports
and what Google Analytics reports in terms of clicks? We're seeing like 10:1
over reporting from ... if Google Analytics is right.

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