A number of developers have reported abandoned connection issues on the
Streaming API starting, perhaps, about two weeks ago. The symptoms include a
long-established TCP connection to stream.twitter.com going quiet, with the
connection mysteriously held open for perhaps hours afterward. After sorting
through a lot of conflicting data and chasing a few wild geese, I finally
reproduced this problem at Feb 22 15:55 UTC (7:55am PST). I'd imagine that a
number of streams were abandoned at this time. If you had a correlative
experience within a minute or so of 15:55 UTC, please respond to this

We currently suspect an infrequent hardware load balancer issue, perhaps
related to a recent configuration change. The appearance is that the load
balancer is, for whatever reason, dropping valid connections, closing the
connection to the Streaming API servers, but not sending a TCP FIN or TCP
RST to the client. This is bad. We're treating this as a critical production
issue and working through the details with network operations. I'll follow
up as we learn more.

-John Kalucki
Infrastructure, Twitter Inc.

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