Hey all,

I'm Berto Murillo (@mstberto) and I'm from Missouri.  Graduated last
year and am now a Software Engineer.  In my spare time, I've built two
Twitter clients (C++ and Java).   The feature I'd like to see most
added has already been said multiple times, and that's the
conversation method.  This is an awesome list with a lot of help, so
thanks :D.

So. Who are you, what do you do, what have you built, and what feature
you most want to see added?

On Feb 24, 1:11 am, Patrick <kenned...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I'm Patrick Kennedy, and I grew up in Hawaii.  I have worked with
> Department of State for several years now, currently in Vietnam, and
> next up, Laos - definitely your S/E Asian connection - come and visit
> anytime. :-)   Anyways, I created a buggy twitter client in PHP (Basic
> Auth), and I am becoming very capable with OAuth coding now.  I hope
> to release something cool by June, but who knows. While I may not be
> the best programmer in the world, I find Twitter to be a super fun way
> to get into coding.  Often my shortcomings are with things that are
> difficult for many - like regex, etc - and if I had more access and
> code, I'd be 100 times better.  Even so, I enjoy the open API twitter
> fun of it, and I hope to make something useful and cool in the not-too-
> distant future.  Most of my coding is with PHP, but I am going to try
> out RoR pretty soon.

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