Hello there! I have two questions:

First, I received an approval for whitelisting for my server's IP
address (as in, the IP number that I see when I log onto my webhosting
account). I'm currently building my application in Flash using AS3 and
after I've tested my project a few times, I'll get this error:

"Error #2032: Stream Error...[my search request]"

I assume this is rate limiting in action? I read on this discussion
board that whitelisting doesn't affect Search API. Does this mean I
will always be limited to some arbitrary (unpublished) search limit?

Then, I noticed the IP address used for the GET request is the IP
address of the computer I'm using, NOT the IP address of my web
server. How is this happening even though I'm using a proxy installed
on my web server? Shouldn't the call be made from the server, not the

Thank you. I'm pretty new at developing applications, so any help or
advice is greatly appreciated!

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