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> Hello there! I have two questions:
> First, I received an approval for whitelisting for my server's IP
> address (as in, the IP number that I see when I log onto my webhosting
> account). I'm currently building my application in Flash using AS3 and
> after I've tested my project a few times, I'll get this error:
> "Error #2032: Stream Error...[my search request]"
> I assume this is rate limiting in action?

If this were true then sometimes your request works and other times it
doesn't. Is that the case?

> I read on this discussion
> board that whitelisting doesn't affect Search API. Does this mean I
> will always be limited to some arbitrary (unpublished) search limit?
> Then, I noticed the IP address used for the GET request is the IP
> address of the computer I'm using, NOT the IP address of my web
> server. How is this happening even though I'm using a proxy installed
> on my web server? Shouldn't the call be made from the server, not the
> computer?
There are multiple requests happening here. I assume the following, which
may or may not be correct:

- From your browser you call your app
- Your app runs some call through the twitter API
- Twitter servers process the call and send it back to your app
- Your app returns processed code back to your browser

>From the above processes your IP address is passed through by the Twitter
API to the twitter service.

I'd suggest try running your request from a completely different network and
see what happens.

> Thank you. I'm pretty new at developing applications, so any help or
> advice is greatly appreciated!

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