Thank you for your reply!

> If this were true then sometimes your request works and other times it
> doesn't. Is that the case?

Yes, each time I run my app, it makes ~80 calls to the Search API. I
can only run a full test of the app 2 or 3 times before I get the
Stream Error. But if I run a partial test of only 10 or so calls, I
can run it a bunch more times before getting the error. If I wait 30
minutes or so, I can continue testing...but that really affects my

> There are multiple requests happening here. I assume the following, which
> may or may not be correct:
> - From your browser you call your app
> - Your app runs some call through the twitter API
> - Twitter servers process the call and send it back to your app
> - Your app returns processed code back to your browser

Yes, this is correct.

> From the above processes your IP address is passed through by the Twitter
> API to the twitter service.
> I'd suggest try running your request from a completely different network and
> see what happens.

I tried running it from a friend's computer. I get the same frequency
of Error, but when he changes his computer's IP address, I'm suddenly
able to run the app again...

How can I shift the load to my webserver's IP (the one that's
whitelisted) rather than each individual computer's IP? Is it possible
with Search API?

Thank you!

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