Dewald Pretorius wrote:

There appears to be ground for confusion here. I'm sure some folks are
still sending some API calls to

Could you please put up a page that explains which calls *must* go to, and after tomorrow won't work on And
vice versa, which calls must go to, and won't work on
Here is my understanding:

Right now, you might be able to access resources through that aren't part of the official public API. Starting tomorrow, will only implement the official, public API. If you rely on resources that aren't in the official public API, and you are accessing them through, your program will probably stop working tomorrow.

If you are only using the published API through, or you are accessing resources through the domain, this change doesn't affect you (AFAICT), but, you should change your code to use http[s]:// instead of http[s]:// as the base URI at your earliest convenience, as Twitter said a few months ago.

Since the OAuth resources are documented as being on (not, you should be accessing them through (not, even though you should be accessing the Twitter API through


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