brian - this is exactly my understanding as well.  we'll be putting a bunch
more eyes on this.

On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 3:51 PM, Brian Smith <> wrote:

> Dewald Pretorius wrote:
>> Raffi,
>> There appears to be ground for confusion here. I'm sure some folks are
>> still sending some API calls to
>> Could you please put up a page that explains which calls *must* go to
>>, and after tomorrow won't work on And
>> vice versa, which calls must go to, and won't work on
> Here is my understanding:
> Right now, you might be able to access resources through api.twitter.comthat 
> aren't part of the official public API. Starting tomorrow,
> will only implement the official, public API. If you rely
> on resources that aren't in the official public API, and you are accessing
> them through, your program will probably stop working
> tomorrow.
> If you are only using the published API through, or you
> are accessing resources through the domain, this change
> doesn't affect you (AFAICT), but, you should change your code to use
> http[s]:// instead of http[s]:// as the base
> URI at your earliest convenience, as Twitter said a few months ago.
> Since the OAuth resources are documented as being on (not
>, you should be accessing them through (not
>, even though you should be accessing the Twitter API
> through
> Correct?
> - Brian (@BRIAN_____)

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