Are you using any libraries for the Oauth calls?

On 3 Mar 2010, at 16:56, xhe wrote:
> I now want to enable user to link their twitter account to our
> website, that means, after OAuth, twitter will forward user to my
> website, and then I want to retrieve that user's profile, such as
> twitterId, name..., and prefill the form for user to register.
> This steps is pretty straightforword, just like any other social
> websites, such as linkedIn, myspace. But I didn't realize that after
> Oauth step, I am lost in finding a suitable API to retrieve that
> user's profile.
> I would like to use this one,
> But this API require the userID or screenName, that is what I don't
> have.
> So question is: how to retrieve the userId or screen name and other
> profile information for the user?
> Thanks

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