Sounds like you are just redirecting your users to the Twitter API URL
in their browser, and they are seeing the API response. This is not
right. You should use some Twitter API library to send the API request
and receive the response within your application, and then display
some feedback to your users yourself, depending on what result you got
from the API.

On Mar 20, 11:05 pm, T <> wrote:
> Forgive me if this isn't the right place to post, but I can't seem to
> find any answers to my question and i'm still pretty new to this.
> After integrating Twitter into my website, whenever i publish a tweet
> (from my website) i get sent to a page with return values. The tweet
> gets sent fine, but I dont want my users to see the return values. How
> do I send them to a page of my choice (i.e. index page or a
> confirmation page) after they send a tweet, instead of them seeing the
> return values?

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