Hi, there,
     I am using rest api method in my app, in that, I have two users(i.e
white-listed user accounts.) and need to get each user's account rate-limit
request balance, I am using following URL to get request balance.

' http://twitter.com/account/rate_limit_status/'.$unm.'.xml '. Here $unm is
user name passed through ratelimit() function .

 Below is the code logic: (using cURL functions )

[     function Checklimit()
            for($i=0; $i<2; $i++)
                $usrlimit =
$this->ratelimit($this->u[$i]);                      // ratelimit($unm)
function will give array containing remaining hits.
                foreach($usrlimit as $key=>$val)
   // $this->u[]  is the array used for fetching users with $i.
                    if($key == 'remaining-hits')
                        if($val != 0)

{                                                                    // here
will return array element which is having hits.
$i;                                                     // here it doesn't
come inside when value of ratelimit of first user comes to an end

          // Actually here it goes to second user but does not get it's hits
from api using ratelimit function. gets same 0 as like first user. It will
return -1 when no user is having hits.
            return -1;


Can I have some clue, please.

Thank You in advance.

with regards,

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