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> Ed,
> Yes, we should talk abour Search. But, I disagree when you say we
> should not talk about the other stuff.
> It is very frustrating when developers essentially stand up as one man
> and tell Twitter, "bad idea, don't do it." And they go ahead and do it
> anyway.
> You know, it's not like we are their primary customers and consumers
> of the API. It would be extremely alarming and troubling if they
> ignored those guys.

Well, I don't think that the hundreds / thousands of developers "stood
up as one man". There wasn't a poll, and there wasn't anything except
"truth by loudness" or "truth by repetition". Yes, I personally think
major API changes add unnecessary work to a developer's schedule, but
I don't think that's as big a problem for Twitter and the developer
community as not having a search that meets the needs of seekers and

And I'm not terribly convinced that either the old or new Twitter
Search *does* meet the needs of seekers or sellers, because

a. Twitter Search isn't the focus of my own use cases, so I wouldn't
personally know if it was broken, and

b. The blogosphere seems more interested in juicy gossip, the iPad,
Facebook privacy, Google vs. China, lawsuits in the mobile space,
Foursquare vs. Gowalla, etc. If Twitter comes up at all, it's in
reference to Twitter's business model or speculation on growth rates.
Twitter Search seems to be low on their list of things to think / talk

But yes, we should talk about the other stuff. It *is* an
inconvenience, and even in "agile" / "scrum" shops there are strict
rules about change control and change management. That shouldn't be
even a discussion topic - it should be something that's in-bred in
people who've been working with code for more than six months. We
"should" talk about it, but at the same time, we shouldn't *have* to
talk about it. ;-)

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky

"A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems." ~ Paul

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