> to clarify (from my personal view), what taylor has provided to the team is
> a clear view into what developers want / think / feel -- basically, a pulse
> on the developer community.  he's doing a fine job.  and for these
> particular issues, not only has he conveyed the feelings of our community,
> but everybody on the team has also heard it personally.  i hope we have more
> to say about both these topics soon.  as you can all imagine, there is a
> myriad of moving pieces that we are all trying to get to align quickly --
> there are technical issues, there are the concerns of our developer and user
> community, and then, of course, there are the overall objectives of Twitter,
> Inc.  getting them all to align is, at times, ridiculously difficult.

I appreciate all of that, but the particular issue at hand is only
emblematic of what I worry is a greater problem. If nothing else, a message
to the list simply saying "we're aware you guys don't like it, but we're
doing it anyway and here is why" would have at least won style points and
would have reinforced that you're listening. It's your basketball court, so
of course you get to decide how the game is played, but it would be nice to
tell the players. (Well, okay, that metaphor gets overused during March
Madness.) Seriously, there wasn't a single response back about that from
anyone on the API team, and it wasn't for lack of asking. No one would have
liked it, but acknowledgment of concerns even without being able to act on
them goes a long way.

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