It would be awesome if some of those opportunities were offered to
people who aren't able to afford to travel to SF.

Of course, a lot of things would be awesome, but I'm not optimistic
about them. Alas.

Ed Finkler
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On Apr 9, 11:26 pm, Taylor Singletary <>
> Let there be no doubt that not only will Chirp be an opportunity for
> developers to learn and talk to platform developers & Twitter employees
> directly about what will obviously be a hot topic on everyone's mind, but
> Chirp will also in itself be a platform for Twitter to clarify existing
> capabilities and introduce new platform opportunities available to our
> obviously instrumental developer community.
> No one Twitter experience will ever define Twitter. No one app will ever
> define a platform. Not all use cases, analytical opportunities, clients,
> redefinitions, evolutions of, extrapolations on, libraries for the API of,
> insights for, integrations of, thoughts on, run-on-sentences-written-about,
> financial opportunities, or choices offered to consumers in the Twitter
> universe have been explored.
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