> Interesting thought: Twitter is the *only* major API I'm aware of that
> does *not* require a per-user or per-company API key. Sure, there's the
> oAuth *application* keys, but there's no API key that tells Twitter
> "this activity is coming from Ed Borasky, regardless of IP address or
> account or application." It would make my life as a developer simpler if
> a user of applications I create had to have an API key from Twitter to
> use them. Would it complicate Twitter's life substantially to do that?

i'm confused what you're asking for?  it seems to me that with oauth does?
 with 3-legged oauth, as the requests are signed with an access token....
 the access token is tied to a user at some point, no?

> Do I need to bring a copy of "I Ching" to Chirp? Is there a favored
> translation? The postings from Twitter on this mailing list quite often
> appear to have been composed by a similar process. ;-)

you just got way too smart for me.  i'm just a lowly engineer.

Raffi Krikorian
Twitter Platform Team

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