On 04/17/2010 02:51 PM, R_Macdonald wrote:
> I think there are amazing opportunities in Twitter's new annotation
> feature.
> I thought I would share some brief thoughts that might be of interest.
> The schema of LinkedData RDF, underpinnings of the emerging Semantic
> Web, provide a sound basis of the sorts of format & protocol standards
> necessary for the APIs you are proposing.
> The vision of Semantic Web is occasionally dismissed as long on dream
> and short on practice.  However, early implementations are gaining
> significant traction and offering substantive value to early
> adopters.  Thompson Reuters, no slouch in the business of information,
> was quite visionary in acquiring the now @OpenCalais service.  The
> mostly free service is currently identifying semantic entities in over
> 5 million documents submitted to it per day.  @zemanta is also finding
> a significant user base among bloggers for its related services.
> I am awestruck by the potential of developers applying Linked Data /
> Semantic Web schema and using RDF in Twitter annotations. It would
> massively scale search effectiveness and distribution opportunities
> while allowing sophisticated on-the-fly analysis of Twitter's firehose
> & other feeds.
> The Twitter ecosystem is particularly suited to applying principles of
> the Semantic Web in that machine interpolated meaning could be
> continually refined the more humans tweet & retweet about the same and
> related topics; coupled with author, location, hashes, platform, and
> temporal information.
> Twitter annotations may well be a turning point in the early practical
> application of Tim Berners-Lee's 1999 "dream for the Web [in which
> computers] become capable of analyzing all the data on the Web - the
> content, links, and transactions between people and computers."
> It is all about the metadata!

Hear! Hear! And I might add that there is also a golden opportunity for
Natural Language Processing to make tweet text into metadata for the
"rest of the web". What was that line about even mighty armies being
unable to resist an idea whose time has come?

And if the Dalai Lama is on Twitter, why isn't Hu Jintao? ;-)

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky

"A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems." ~ Paul Erdős

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