I think the proper way to interact with the active APRS network is via
an iGate.

I think there would simply be too much traffic and it would be in a
format that would require translation to work with Twitter.

If you want interactivity going back onto the APRS network you could
potentially run into control operator/third party regulations issues.
Anyone can monitor the APRS network.  However, you must be a licensed
Amateur Radio operator to put traffic out onto the RF network.

For others, learn more about APRS here: http://www.aprs.org/

Personally, I don't see a benefit of having the data stream across
Twitter.  Now, if you are interested in being able to use Twitter type
APIs for processing, you might consider writing an APRS to Twitter
Again, you'd likely need to do some transformation to keep it within
Twitter specs.

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Bryan - K0EMT

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