Sorry to bump this topic, but is there any here that can enlighten me?
Thanks in advance!

On Apr 18, 2:18 pm, Dinho <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm a little confused about the number of accounts that is allowed.
> Searching through this group, the web and reading the Twitter EULA it
> seems just a few are allowed. However in these 
> threads
> and
> it's stated that multiple accounts are allowed and that even 600
> accounts could be allowed.
> But after reading the StatTweets and Sportytweets stories, and their
> suspended accounts I'm a little confused. Since on the other hand,
> has stated they manage over 8000 different
> Twitteraccounts. And that sounds like a huge multi-account violation
> to me.
> We're currently setting up a localised version of Tweetmyjobs, which
> will require a lot less accounts, but we would still need around 250
> accounts (lto localise the jobs in different areas to different
> channels). So my question is; would this be acceptable and what would
> be the best way to set this up, without violating Twitters TOS. Or
> would it just be a waste of my time?

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