First off, the address for search is currently i.e. the
documentation and the information should use the following url:


All of your other issues are a result of not using the proper URL.  At some
point we look to combine the 2 API,, but issues like you have noted will
cause this to be painful.


On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 8:45 PM, Adam Green <> wrote:

> I've found a number of things that don't seem to behave as documented
> on either the old API wiki or the new Dev site. I'm writing a tutorial
> on this portion of the API, so I'd like to know if the docs are
> correct, and I'm just getting weird results, or if the docs are wrong.
> I'm using PHP and cURL to test this. I'm sending a very simple search
> request of:
> 1. Docs say "Search API is not limited by the same 150 requests per
> hour limit as the REST API. The number is quite a bit higher and we
> feel it is both liberal and sufficient for most applications."
> When I try calling the Search API, the rate limit shown in the header
> is 150. Exceeding 150 in an hour does cause a rate limit failure, so
> this number does seem to be 150.
> 2. Docs say "Consumers using the Search API but failing to include a
> User Agent string will receive a lower rate limit."
> I got the same rate limit of 150 whether or not I use the cURL user
> agent option. I tried an application name of "twitter app tutorial"
> and a standard Mozilla user agent string.
> 3. Docs say "An application that exceeds the rate limitations of the
> Search API will receive HTTP 420 response codes to requests."
> When I exceed 150 requests, I get a 400 HTTP response code, not 420.
> 4. Docs say "It is a best practice to watch for this error condition
> and honor the Retry-After header that instructs the application when
> it is safe to continue."
> When I exceed 150 requests, I don't see a retry-After header value.
> Thanks for your help with this.

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