i have a quick question and dont shoot me down as im a bit confused, i
currently run a website that has a custom CMS now i have integrated
twitter into this CMS so when ever a new blog is added by one of the
users it updates this to twitter, at the moment im using a twitter
class that i found on a PHP site that does the trick, to communicate
with twitter it send the username and password over.

now from my understanding i need to change this over to start using
OAuth is this correct? the system does it all back end so my bloggers
dont write anything it auto does it for you, it posts to the one
single twitter account.

now do i need to change to OAuth to get this to run when the date
finally comes around, if so do i need to create an application? as it
isnt really an application as such, this is the bit that confuses me a

so i guess the question is do i need to change to oAuth and should i
create an application if so would i need to create a callback URL as
there wont be any callbacks as such would there as i would only be
posting to my twitter feed.

thanks in advance for all your help


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