I've taken a stab at answering your questions below:

> now from my understanding i need to change this over to start using
> OAuth is this correct? the system does it all back end so my bloggers
> dont write anything it auto does it for you, it posts to the one
> single twitter account.

Yes you will need to switch over.

> now do i need to change to OAuth to get this to run when the date
> finally comes around, if so do i need to create an application? as it
> isnt really an application as such, this is the bit that confuses me a
> bit.

You can switch over immediately, there's no need to wait until the
cutoff date comes around. And yes you will need to create an
application, it's just that this particular application will only.

Details on some OAuth libraries (including PHP ones):
Details on how to easily get a single token: 

> so i guess the question is do i need to change to oAuth and should i
> create an application if so would i need to create a callback URL as
> there wont be any callbacks as such would there as i would only be
> posting to my twitter feed.

The single token approach can avoid the need for callbacks, so long as
you don't need to tweet to other users accounts.
Glenn Gillen

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