Hi Developers,

Today we're launching some of the functionality around "Places" that we
announced at Chirp. You can read more about the feature here:

The launch comes with a batch of API enhancements, with a number of further
API additions just around the corner (like creating and updating places,
obviously a crucial component for many implementors).

The documentation in this area is a honestly a bit light at the moment, but
we'll be offering some more comprehensive documentation going over suggested
use cases, flows, and more in the coming days.

What matters most for you:
  - GET geo/nearby_places is now GET geo/search, with some added
functionality. This is a companion to GET geo/reverse_geocode, that's ideal
for using in conjunction with a place selection UI.
    Read all about it at : http://bit.ly/dvNmYB
    - A query parameter called "query" lets you do textual matching when
trying to find a place
    - A query parameter called "ip" lets you do a lookup based on an IP
    - You can fine tune results with granularity, accuracy, and the
contained_within parameter, which allows you to identify a place_id
(matching something like a city), and only search for places within that

  - <place> tags in XML output, "place" attribute in JSON output:

Tweets that have a place_id associated with them can now contain some
additional information not available in the past, including some attributes
that further describe the location.

Some common place/attributes you might start seeing:
  - name
  - street_address
  - locality
  - region
  - phone
  - postal_code
  - twitter (a twitter account associated with the place)
  - cross_streets

Attribute key names can be variant. These are just some of the attribute
keys you will see, with much more to come.

    Here's a quick XML representation of a status with a place:
      <created_at>Mon Jun 14 23:30:14 +0000 2010</created_at>
      <text>I'm testing out places integrations. Can you hear me Planet
Houston? I'm at the Epicenter. (psyche)</text>
        <name>Taylor Singletary</name>
        <location>iPhone: 37.778181,-122.397971</location>
        <description>Reality Technician, Developer Advocate at Twitter,
displeased at Planet Houston</description>
        <created_at>Wed Mar 07 22:23:19 +0000 2007</created_at>
        <time_zone>Pacific Time (US &amp; Canada)</time_zone>
      <place xmlns:georss="http://www.georss.org/georss";>
        <name>Epicenter Cafe</name>
        <full_name>Epicenter Cafe, San Francisco</full_name>
            <value>764 Harrison St</value>
          <georss:polygon>37.781343 -122.399142 37.781343 -122.399142
37.781343 -122.399142 37.781343 -122.399142</georss:polygon>
        <country code="US">The United States of America</country>

    And here's the JSON representation:
        "in_reply_to_user_id": null,
        "geo": null,
        "source": "web",
        "created_at": "Mon Jun 14 23:30:14 +0000 2010",
        "place": {
            "place_type": "poi",
            "country_code": "US",
            "attributes": {
                "street_address": "764 Harrison St"
            "country": "The United States of America",
            "full_name": "Epicenter Cafe, San Francisco",
            "url": "http://api.twitter.com/1/geo/id/a851ec943d3a27c5.json";,
            "name": "Epicenter Cafe",
            "id": "a851ec943d3a27c5",
            "bounding_box": {
                "type": "Polygon",
                "coordinates": [[[ - 122.399142, 37.781343], [ - 122.399142,
37.781343], [ - 122.399142, 37.781343], [ - 122.399142, 37.781343]]]
        "in_reply_to_screen_name": null,
        "favorited": false,
        "truncated": false,
        "annotations": null,
        "user": {
            "profile_background_image_url": "
            "profile_image_url": "
            "description": "Reality Technician, Developer Advocate at
Twitter, displeased at Planet Houston",
            "lang": "en",
            "statuses_count": 6477,
            "profile_sidebar_fill_color": "007ffe",
            "profile_background_tile": true,
            "screen_name": "episod",
            "contributors_enabled": false,
            "profile_sidebar_border_color": "bb0e79",
            "following": false,
            "geo_enabled": true,
            "notifications": false,
            "created_at": "Wed Mar 07 22:23:19 +0000 2007",
            "followers_count": 1460,
            "friends_count": 1420,
            "verified": false,
            "profile_background_color": "000000",
            "favourites_count": 254,
            "protected": false,
            "url": "http://bit.ly/5w7P88";,
            "profile_text_color": "000000",
            "name": "Taylor Singletary",
            "time_zone": "Pacific Time (US & Canada)",
            "location": "iPhone: 37.778181,-122.397971",
            "id": 819797,
            "utc_offset": -28800,
            "profile_link_color": "731673"
        "in_reply_to_status_id": null,
        "coordinates": null,
        "id": 16184038366,
        "contributors": null,
        "text": "I'm testing out places integrations. Can you hear me Planet
Houston? I'm at the Epicenter. (psyche)"

Stay tuned for more information in the coming days and weeks on how to
create places, more about how attributes about places work, and much more!


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