I want to know what's the metrics of this dynamic logout.
I have several twitter account/twitter development accounts.
It started around 1am PST, one of my account keep getting 400. I woke
up this morning, that only account is still getting 400.
I tried a different pair comsumer key/token using twurl, it works.
I tried on mobile, Echolfon, failed, but twitbird goes thru.
Obviously the web works!
What other experiments do u want me to run?
Are twitter giving favor on specific accounts?

On Jul 6, 9:57 am, Pascal Jürgens
<lists.pascal.juerg...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Just a sidenote: This can be coincidental. Unless you try several dozen times 
> with each client, no valid inference can be drawn from the tests.
> Pascal
> On Jul 6, 2010, at 18:46 , Johnson wrote:
> > I notice that the rate limit is application specific. I've tried a few
> > clients, some of them goes thru, some don't.

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