Hi everyone,

I have a program calling the statuses/sample method of a garden hose
of the Streaming API, and I am experiencing the following problem: the
timestamps of the tweets that I downloaded constantly drift behind
real-time, the time drift keeps increasing until it reaches around 25
minutes, and then I get a timeout from the request, sleep for 5
seconds and reset the connection. The time drift is also reset to 0
when the connection is reset.

One solution for this I have now is to proactively reset the
connection more frequently, e.g., if I reconnect every 1 minute, the
time drift I get will be at most 1 minute. But I am not sure whether
this is allow by the API.

So could anyone tell me if you have the same problem as mine or I am
using the API in the wrong way. And is it OK to reset connection every

I am using Tweepy (http://github.com/joshthecoder/tweepy) as the
library for accessing the Streaming API.

Thanks a lot!

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