On 8/10/10 9:17 PM, manggit wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am currently developing an app for a open source project. I would
> like to first obtain all direct child retweets of a given tweet, and
> then I would like to find all retweets of each of the child retweets,
> so on and so forth, until i reach the end of the retweet chain.
> However given the new style retweets, the api function call returns
> all retweets of a given tweet, including retweets of retweets, as
> retweets of the original tweet. Therefore I am unable to follow the
> progression of a tweet and gather information on whether a retweet is
> a retweet of the original tweet, or if the retweet is of a retweet.
> Is there anyway to obtain this information using the status_retweet
> api function call, or any clever combination of any of the api
> functions?
> Any support will be greatly appreciated
> Thanks
> Mang-Git

No and yes.

No: if there's no specific API for it, then there's no easy way.
Yes: You can build a follower-tree (A follows B, B follows C, C follows
D, etc) from the original tweep, but that may take a lot of time
depending on the amount of retweets, and should probably only be used
for research purposes.


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