Hello Adam,

I think I can give you an explanation.

Twitter will only search through, for example, 50 million tweets. If this 
becomes more, then the search becomes slow.

For the same reason it will only index interesting tweets. You wouldn't want 40 
million of this 50 million to be spam ;-)


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On 12 aug. 2010, at 19:47, AdamD <duvan...@gmail.com> wrote:

> It appears that Twitter search is down to four days of backlog now. It
> was five days a couple weeks ago. And in the back of my memory there
> was once months of search history.
> Is there a record anywhere of changes to the history? And I think I
> understand the purpose of decreasing the history, but is there an
> official reason for the changes?
> Thanks,
> Adam DuVander
> ProgrammableWeb

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