I'm curious to understand how the transition to OAuth will take place
for whitelisted accounts.  Currently I have 2 streaming accounts,
which if I understand correctly will not be impacted at all, and a
whitelisted basic auth access (20k/hour) for a specific set of IPs.

I've read that the Basic Auth rate limit will decrease by 10 calls a
day for 15 days until it's finally turned off for good.  Is this still
true?  If so, how the decrease apply to the extended 20k/hour rate
limit? Will it see a corresponding 6.6% (1320 call) reduction every
day during the same period?

Also, in order to have the extended rate limit I currently have
available to my new OAuth application, is there anything I need to
do?  Or does the fact that the new OAuth application was registered
under the same username and requests originate from ip combination
automatically transfer the limits?

Thanks for any insight you can offer.


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