Hi Taylor / Abraham,

  I really need your help in this case. My whole app is ready without this
small but important error.
 I have posted this question already, but didn't get proper answer, So I
request you to assist me correctly or suggest any solution, so that I can
move forward and get ready to release the site.
 ok the error says:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
/home/rohit25/public_html/honestfollowers.com/get_info.php on line 435

    Off course! not getting array(data) to the loop, but this doesn't
happens every time. I tested my each and every line of code, from where i am
getting data from twitter up to the display of data to user. This doesn't
give error to users having followers up to 1k, but fails where users having
lots of honest followers. can this be from twitter-side? confused.

    Due to this, we have stopped search for users having followers more than
    @abraham you are searched on site.

   You can have a look at this :
  e.g users : 1. dineshkarthik_k
            2. sreesanth36
  or anybody having a/c like this.

  We are not able to release the site, just because of this error.

     I really thanks to all the developers who have helped us until now.

waiting for your reply impatiently,

 Thank you in advance.

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