Hi Rushikesh,

As Tom pointed out, you'll want to make sure to implement some exception
handling around every request you make to the Twitter API.

I don't know enough about the specific API calls you're making here to pin
down the specific error you are receiving -- but I also agree with Tom that
it's likely you're either running into API rate limits or you are hitting a
server error.

Do you know the pattern of Twitter API calls you are making? (Not just the
pattern you are using in your library) -- requesting many followers is best
served with the followers/ids [1] method in conjunction with bulk user
lookup [2] .

[1] http://dev.twitter.com/doc/get/followers/ids
[2] http://dev.twitter.com/doc/get/users/lookup


On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 1:05 AM, Rushikesh Bhanage

> Hi Taylor / Abraham,
>   I really need your help in this case. My whole app is ready without this
> small but important error.
>  I have posted this question already, but didn't get proper answer, So I
> request you to assist me correctly or suggest any solution, so that I can
> move forward and get ready to release the site.
>  ok the error says:
> Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
> /home/rohit25/public_html/honestfollowers.com/get_info.php on line 435
>     Off course! not getting array(data) to the loop, but this doesn't
> happens every time. I tested my each and every line of code, from where i am
> getting data from twitter up to the display of data to user. This doesn't
> give error to users having followers up to 1k, but fails where users having
> lots of honest followers. can this be from twitter-side? confused.
>     Due to this, we have stopped search for users having followers more
> than 15k.
>     @abraham you are searched on site.
>    You can have a look at this :
>     http://www.honestfollowers.com
>   e.g users : 1. dineshkarthik_k
>             2. sreesanth36
>   or anybody having a/c like this.
>   We are not able to release the site, just because of this error.
>      I really thanks to all the developers who have helped us until now.
> waiting for your reply impatiently,
>  Thank you in advance.

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