Nearly all the users on my dabr install are Chinese and have found it
via word of mouth.
Once BasicAuth is turned off I plan to close the page down.

I was considering a man-in-the-middle OAuth dance, in which anyone who
trusted me gave me their username and password. I did the dance and
gave them the keys, which they could then copy and paste in to the

But, I don't speak Chinese, couldn't be bothered to put the few lines
of code in which would allow them to enter keys, and didn't want the
responsibility of suddenly having the whole of Chine asking me to do
the same for them so that they too could also have access.


On Aug 19, 12:01 pm, Ken <> wrote:
> Tom,
> Been meaning to get back to you on that.
> I have followers in China and follow some Chinese accounts as well.
> I don't think they are using any special technique - via web,
> facebook, twitter for iphone, hootsuite...
> Blockages are occasional, partial, not very effective...
> On Aug 14, 6:20 pm, Tom van der Woerdt <> wrote:
> > Simple answer: because people in china can't even get to *once*.
> > Tom

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