Scratch that, it was simply a bonehead error on my part.. carry on =)

On Sep 1, 5:25 pm, MigrantP <> wrote:
> I should mention that I am having no problem posting updates to
> twitter itself, but I cannot post pictures through twitpic or yfrog
> due to this error.. and it was working earlier with no code change
> since.
> On Sep 1, 5:02 pm, MigrantP <> wrote:
> > I am also getting this problem, despite it working perfectly
> > yesterday. I've added a timestamp offset adjustment as you recommended
> > just in case, and am sending an accurate GMT timestamp, but still
> > getting 401 errors. There is no additional information included in the
> > error, so I'm at a loss.
> > Was anything else changed?

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