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The User Streams product launch is moving along as planned. We haven't had
any downtime and we've only had a few subtle functionality problems to
refine. In short, all is going very well. End-users have been overwhelmingly
positive about the experience of real-time updates without rate limits.
We're very excited about getting User Streams out to everyone!

We intend to move this product into an open beta test period soon, and then
on into full production shortly thereafter. We have a few more
developer-facing changes to make, and a bit more tinkering with the
production environment to do before we can move on to these next steps.
These changes may require minor code changes on some clients, and we'll have
to allow some time for these changes to be pushed and to settle out.

Do you have any hints/guesses on how the delivered data might change as a result of these changes? I'm happy with what's coming down the pipe now - I'm mostly interested in whether there might be more coming, less coming, or an expansion of how many terms I can put in the "track" component.

8) Following a successful beta period, User Streams will graduate into full
production status.

Do you have any hints/guesses on how the policies/management details will be structured? Things like terms of service, pricing - all that lawyerly / accountantly stuff.
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