As soon as an issue is clear, we tend to announce what we've learned. If I
had the list of changes ready to go, I would have posted them.

The current general Twitter API TOS applies to User Streams. Follow the TOS
and the User Streams Implementation Suggestions...

-John Kalucki
Twitter Inc.

On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 7:39 PM, M. Edward (Ed) Borasky <> wrote:

> Quoting John Kalucki <>:
>  The User Streams product launch is moving along as planned. We haven't had
>> any downtime and we've only had a few subtle functionality problems to
>> refine. In short, all is going very well. End-users have been
>> overwhelmingly
>> positive about the experience of real-time updates without rate limits.
>> We're very excited about getting User Streams out to everyone!
>> We intend to move this product into an open beta test period soon, and
>> then
>> on into full production shortly thereafter. We have a few more
>> developer-facing changes to make, and a bit more tinkering with the
>> production environment to do before we can move on to these next steps.
>> These changes may require minor code changes on some clients, and we'll
>> have
>> to allow some time for these changes to be pushed and to settle out.
> Do you have any hints/guesses on how the delivered data might change as a
> result of these changes? I'm happy with what's coming down the pipe now -
> I'm mostly interested in whether there might be more coming, less coming, or
> an expansion of how many terms I can put in the "track" component.
>  8) Following a successful beta period, User Streams will graduate into
>> full
>> production status.
> Do you have any hints/guesses on how the policies/management details will
> be structured? Things like terms of service, pricing - all that lawyerly /
> accountantly stuff.
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