It's important to unfollow someone who unfollowed you. I must
emphasize here that I am not talking about unfollowing someone who is
not following me, but only those who used to follow me, then
unfollowed. In this case it's very important to unfollow them right
away. This is important because otherwise the schemers that follow
you, then get a follow-back and then unfollow you win.
Remember kids: if you don't auto unfollow-back that the terrorists
will win.

And that's not a good thing. Also if you want to follow over 2000
people you must keep you following/followers ratio really tight and
that's why I would need to unfollow people who are not following me
back. It's really simple.

There are good ways to follow and read messages from many thousands of
people. One way is to separate them by lists and then read lists
instead of your main timeline. second way is to you other third party
clients that lets you filter by keywords and stuff like that.

I want to follow people with common interests and that common interest
happens to be "I am interested in following people who follow back"

When I follow someone I basically giving that person a chance to sell
me something. I say, fine, but you give me a chance to sell you
something too. I may still follow a few accounts that are so important
to me that I will follow them even though I know they don't follow
back, but that's just a handful of people.

On Sep 28, 12:03 pm, "Ken D." <> wrote:
> Hey Rick,
> It's the second time in a week that someone brings up the autofollow/
> unfollow question (see 
> also:
> and I would love to understand the "follow economy" once and for all.
> First of all, you say that if someone is following you, you will
> follow back, but if they are not following, you will unfollow. If you
> are not yet following them, do you mean that you would block them?
> What is the use case for auto-following, and why would it be so
> important to unfollow users who do not follow back? Is there a cost?
> Are those users' tweets less interesting if they aren't following you?
> I mean, we can't all be followed by Justin Bieber! Personally, I'm
> over that...
> If one succeeds in building up an account that follows and is followed
> back by thousands of users - as seems to be the goal - does one ever
> actually visit the account? It can't possibly make any sense to access
> such an account via Are there tools that can render such
> an account usable or meaningful? Finally, why the pretense of
> following if one will never actually read the users' tweets? Does
> Twitter have in mind to adapt the system to this reality?
> This is not a rant, I sincerely want to know!
> On Sep 28, 4:34 pm, Rick Stuivenberg <>
> wrote:
> > Hello,
> > What are the oauth functions to check if somebody is following me or
> > not? I am currently making a script to check up if a user is following
> > me, and if so, following them back, and if not, unfollow the user.
> > Can somebody give me a point in the direction what oauth functions I
> > need?
> > btw; I am using twitteroauth.
> > Rick

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