I posted the following a few days ago.  Since then, in just the past
day or so, I'm seeing additional *new* issues with the favorites
info.  The favorites count shown for a user, e.g. via
 twurl /1/show/<username>.xml
is now very inaccurate-- so much so that I'm wondering if different
user's information is getting pulled up instead.  For example, with my
account the number of favs is ~1042 lower than the actual number,
which was correctly reported as recently as a couple days ago.  When I
check random status posts that I know should be favorited for me, they
still are.  (So, as with the issue I reported below, both issues might
be related to how information is being served up, rather than the
actual database information being changed)

On Oct 18, 9:51 am, AJ <amy.j.d...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have noticed an apparent bug with the REST favorites API which seems
> to have just started a few days ago, I think around the 12th or 13th
> Oct.
> I am working on an app which amongst other things archives a user's
> favorites.
> Periodically, the app pages through older pages of favorites to see if
> any tweets further back in the stream are now favorited, and to see if
> any older favs have been unfavorited.
> e.g. /1/favorites.xml?page=20 (as an authenticated user)
> It appears that only about every other actually favorited tweet is
> being returned from these requests.  This is new behaviour-- it worked
> correctly last week. Because the app has the older tweets stored, it
> detects those that are missing from the API response sequence.  It is
> typically about 10 out of 20 missing, typically ~every other one.
> However, if I check the actual 'missing' favs individually, they do
> indicate that the authenticated user has favorited them.  So it
> appears that Twitter still considers the missing tweets favorited by
> the user, but the API is not serving them all up any more, only about
> half of them.
> This bug doesn't appear to manifest with 'newer' favs (e.g. the first
> retrieved page seems okay).
>  -Amy

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