I've written a small app for use with some auction software.  All this
app does is run via cron every 2 hours and picks a random auction
(that is open) and then posts it to my twitter page using OAuth.

This works great, and many times it does update just fine.  However
occasionally, I get a failed response back from Twitter stating

403 - Request has been refused. Possible causes: denied due to update

Since my cron only runs every 2 hours, then I am only submitting 12
tweets to my Twitter page in a 24 hour period...

That's certainly less than the 150/hour or the 1000/day that is listed
in the wiki.

My script/app does not do any deleting, following etc... It just sends
an update to my page with a random auction listing.   So in a 24 hour
period, I get on average about 8 successful tweets instead of the 12 I
should be getting.

I'm just wondering if there is something else that the 403 could be
representing other than update limits.  Perhaps Twitter itself is over
loaded?  If that is the case, should it not provide a different error

Something that says "Twitter is busy right now, try again later",
instead of the rate limit error which makes it sound like there's
something wrong with my script/app.

I sent an email to a...@twitter.com and the response was to come and
ask here.

If anyone wants to see the code, it can be downloaded from

Thanks in advance,
Peter Elsner

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