First, let me start by apologizing for asking a question that I know I
could answer for myself with enough googling, or simply implement
myself by studying the API docs. I would do so... if I could. But
that's kind of difficult for me right now.

The question: can someone point me to a tool, or piece of sample code,
that can dump all my tweets into a text file? Or at least, the last
several months worth? Preferably Java or Python code.

The reason: I may have had a small, "silent" heart attack about mid-
September. And, strangely enough, my tweets at the time might help my
doctor and I pinpoint the approximate date of the "incident", because
I sometimes tweet about my exercise habits. But I need the tweets all
in a pile I can sort through easily.

Unfortunately, given that I'm still feeling very unwell, I just don't
have the energy to figure out how to get my historical tweet data in a
form that would help me do this analysis, or to write the code myself
to do so.

Can anyone help me out with this? Somebody must have a tool to do
this, right? Something that just dumps all my tweets into a plain text
file, respects the API rate limits, etc?

Thanks for any help you can offer. If I wind up needing to make any
mods to open source code, I'll be more than happy to share any changes
I make, if appropriate.

Sarah K

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