Hi Sarah,

You can download an Excel sheet here, that will get you your last 3200
tweets fast. This is as far back as Twitter currently allows us
through the API. From the sheet you can also search through them.

Go to http://twopcharts.com/downloads.php and download My_tweets_2.1

Good luck

On Nov 11, 4:18 am, Sarah K <sarahannal...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> First, let me start by apologizing for asking a question that I know I
> could answer for myself with enough googling, or simply implement
> myself by studying the API docs. I would do so... if I could. But
> that's kind of difficult for me right now.
> The question: can someone point me to a tool, or piece of sample code,
> that can dump all my tweets into a text file? Or at least, the last
> several months worth? Preferably Java or Python code.
> The reason: I may have had a small, "silent" heart attack about mid-
> September. And, strangely enough, my tweets at the time might help my
> doctor and I pinpoint the approximate date of the "incident", because
> I sometimes tweet about my exercise habits. But I need the tweets all
> in a pile I can sort through easily.
> Unfortunately, given that I'm still feeling very unwell, I just don't
> have the energy to figure out how to get my historical tweet data in a
> form that would help me do this analysis, or to write the code myself
> to do so.
> Can anyone help me out with this? Somebody must have a tool to do
> this, right? Something that just dumps all my tweets into a plain text
> file, respects the API rate limits, etc?
> Thanks for any help you can offer. If I wind up needing to make any
> mods to open source code, I'll be more than happy to share any changes
> I make, if appropriate.
> Sarah K

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