Unfortunately my previous message did not come across correcty, since
my example sentences were changed in url's and this changed the
original content. I will give below the sentence used, but without the
"http://mywebsite.com"; part, so the original text is readable:

The typed message was: /page.php?para1=this&para2=that

The message shown in the tweet was: /page.php?para=this&para2=that

If Twitter does not recognize part of the message as a url,  it levaes
the & intact. I am not sure how to solve this with the message

On Nov 11, 6:02 pm, Tom van der Woerdt <i...@tvdw.eu> wrote:
> Twitter itself won't do this. It's definitely your library.
> 1. Make sure that you send the status via the POST body and not via the
> query part of the URL.
> 2. Don't do more encoding than absolutely necessary.
> Tom
> On 11/11/10 6:00 PM, Randomness wrote:
> > I just ran into a strange problem while sending a tweet from Excel. I
> > tried to post a message that included an ampersand like this:
> >                   take a look at 
> > this:http://mywebsite.com/page.php?para1=this¶2=that
> > When posted this message looks like this:
> >                  take a look at 
> > this:http://mywebsite.com/page.php?para1=this&para2=that
> > The part starting from http onwards has become highlighted and
> > clickable, as intended. But because & has changed into &amp; the
> > intended page is not reached.
> > If I send a message that does not contain a url, it looks fine, so a
> > message like:
> >                   Jack & Jill are walking down the street
> > will look completely fine as a posted message.
> > I can't figure out how to solve this and any help would be appreciated- 
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